October 27, 2016

Weekly Update #20 (October 23-29)

1) UPSA x SFN DP shoot

Sign up for a DP shoot slot!!

2) Scholars’ Friendship Night

Prepare to have a frighteningly fun night filled with great food, great company, fun games, and spooktacular performances! Don’t forget to watch out for this year’s much-awaited SFN Idol!

Follow this link for more details:

3) ACP Cabin Builders Sign Ups

ACP is recruiting cabin builders! Check the link for more

4) Chill Pit Stop 6

Hey Gabayanos!

Last week, we recognized the people behind the tracks and expressed our gratitude for them as they helped us become who we are now.

As we draw near to the end of race, let us look not only look forward but also in all directions. It’s time to focus our attention on the bigger picture. Join us in Pit Stop 6: Bird’s Eye View Mirror!

5) Scholars’ Friendship Night Volunteer Sign ups

Help us give the freshies an amazing night of fun and facing fears!
Volunteer for Scholars’ Friendship Night 2016!

Details regarding roles and responsibilities will be found in the form! Signup now at!

Poster by Jermiss Mishania Muarip

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