October 13, 2016

Weekly Update #18 (October 9-15, 2016)

1) Midsem Kumustahan
Gabayanos! Stressed already with acads, orgwork, and life in general? Need someone to talk to about your feelings and rants? Don’t worry fam, we gotchu! 😀 Just follow these easy and simple steps:
1) Fill out the Mid-Semester Form at This form serves not only as an indication of your recommitment to Ateneo Gabay but also as a means to update your member demographic information in the organization’s database. The deadline of the accomplishment of this form is on October 13 (Thursday), 11:59 PM.
2) Sign-up for an Individual Consultation (IC) at Kumustahan’s will run from October 3-7 at MVP 211, and at MVP 215 from October 10-14.
All current members are required to answer the form and to sign-up for an IC.
See you, fam! <3
2) Project Heads Apps Wave 2
Take your ‘pagtataya’ to the next level by applying as a Project Head of Ateneo Gabay!
The Wave 2 of the Project Head Applications for A.Y. 2016-2017 is now open! To know more about the projects that you can apply for this semester, read through the Apps Primer at
The deadline of Application Form ( submissions is on October 14, 2016 (Friday) at 11:59 PM.
Wait for the results to be released by October 17, 2016 (Monday).
3) Caroling Voice Ranging
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”
Christmas is coming, Gabayanos! Every year, Ateneo Gabay holds its Christmas Caroling fundraiser to foster a sense of community within its carolers. This is also a time where past and present Gabayanos meet each other.
Be part of the Gabay Caroling group by going to the Caroling Voice Ranging Sessions this Oct. 10-14, in MVP 215. This is open to all Gabayanos!
For other concerns, please contact Ivy Galvan through text ( 0925 711 1092).
4) T-Shirt Design Contest
Good evening Gabayanos!
Have your design be the next Gabay shirt! Here is your chance to showcase your creativity by sending your design that best represents what being a Gabayano is for you! The winning design will win a free Nagtataya shirt and the shirt of his/her design!
Submit your design/s in zip file containing the PNG and PSD file at with the subject “SHIRT DESIGN – Last Name, First Name”. Deadline of submission is on October 14, 11:59 pm. For more information about the mechanics, please refer to the instructions in the photo.
Poster by Mhaey Contienda
5) ACP Volunteer Sign-ups
Nature is calling!
Want to join the Erya kids in a one-of-a-kind adventure? Sign up as a ranger for Camp ACP this November 12 at!
The Erya Alternative Classes Program will bring the Erya kids of IVES and HSES to Ateneo for one whole day so that they may learn interesting subjects, like chemistry, physics, and the theater arts!
Sign up now because the form will be closed as soon as a certain quota is reached!
Poster by Mhaey Contienda

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