October 5, 2016

Scholars go “Detour” for their future

by Abegail Lee

This year’s Academic Session, “Detour”, which focused on providing tips, insights, and discernment on degree adjustment matters such as shifting, minoring, and double majoring, was held last October 3 from 5:00-7:00 pm at Escaler Hall.

After the opening prayer and welcoming remarks, the event started by setting the context of academic “detour”. Mr. Miguel Martin R. Vilchez, assistant to the ADAA for curriculum, explained the requirements and processes for degree adjustment. Mr. Marc Oliver Pasco, from the Philosophy Department, then reflected on the meaning of detour as he shared his experience and insights. “Minsan nga yung akala mong sigurado na sa kung nasaan sila, sila pa yung tunay na naliligaw, kasi tamad na silang maghanap at mag-explore,” he said. He meant this not to encourage people to switch academic paths, but to consider other available options for better discernment.

The next set of speakers are Gabay’s distinguished alumni—Mr. Donald Bertulfo, Ms. Shiphrah Belonguel, and Mr. Daniel Labial. Kuya Donald started his double degree in AB Economics-Honors and AB Psychology during his second year. He shares how he stayed committed to both fields, and the necessity to “code switch”. Ate Shiph, on the other hand, spoke of her experiences in shifting multiple times. Kuya Dan spoke about taking Health Sciences to prepare for med school. He took a Philosophy minor because he wanted to gain a new perspective on health and how it affected people.

Academic Session is an event of Academics Committee that aims to provide aid to scholars regarding academic matters.

Hosts: Thea Lynn Docena, Caryl Joyce Boncodin

Project Heads: Raven Ico, Abegail Lee; Overseer: Patrick Ronquillo

Core team: JD Benabaye, Marjorie Chan, Gab Hernandez (Programs), Alizza Ibrahim (Logistics), Rustin Cagumbay (Promos), Joan Lumagbas (Secretariat), Triz Patupat (Finance)

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