September 18, 2016

Tutors get ERYA ready in PrepERYA 2016

by Darwin Tesion

Last Friday, Ateneo Gabay held PrepERYA 2016, which aimed to bring the tutors together and prepare them for the tutoring sessions. The program was facilitated by this year’s GEFP ERYA Heads, with Kat Llorente as the project head of the event.

The event started with a context building from the Education Operations Head, Kat Llorente. She introduced the two different ERYA schools, the Industrial Valley Elementary School and Holy Spirit Elementary School. She also stated the addition of Grade 6 students in our tutees and this year’s ERYA arms: the Tutoring Team, Modules Team, Data Analysis arm, and Sponsorships and Partnerships. After that, a series of Group Dynamics was facilitated by Guil Toledo. He also got insights and apprehensions from the old and new tutors in the venue.

Then the invited speakers, Jesha Gregorio and Cecille Espinosa, former SF and EdOp heads respectively, gave their tips as experienced tutors.  Using different activities, they showed the tutors different scenarios that could happen in a tutoring session, like how to handle demotivated kids or how to stop fights from breaking out. Ms. Gregorio emphasized a “be childlike, not childish” way of interacting with the students. More importantly, they showed how ERYA can be a form of escape from academics and other problems. Lastly, they reiterated that, as tutors, it is our responsibility to teach them to our full capacity.

In latter half of the program, the different changes in the Tutoring Team and Data Analysis team were presented. The Tutoring team showed pertinent matters such as the weekly sign-ups and the meeting place for every tutoring session. The Data Analysis team, on the other hand, showed the different changes in the system, such as the Online Tutee Progress Report and the future DA Website. The program ended with closing remarks from Ms. Llorente, encouraging everyone to participate in the ERYA program this year.

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