September 11, 2016

Ateneo Gabay holds first annual GA

by Krisia Denise V. Misa

Aligned with its new platforms and systems, Ateneo Gabay welcomed new and current members through its 1st Semester General Assembly (GA) held in various rooms in the PLDT-CTC building. The program introduced Gabayanos to the changes in the system within the three sectors and the five committees of Ateneo Gabay, along with their upcoming projects.

The Academic (Acad), Educational Formation (EdForm), Spiritual Formation (SF), Educational Operations (EdOp), and Social Adjustment (SA) Committees held their assemblies in separate rooms, following the same program flow, which began with a prayer, and was followed by a group dynamics activity for each committee to help the members remember each other’s names. The heads and overseers of each committee then formally opened the GA with brief introductory remarks, as well as an overview of the sectors served by Gabay.

The heads and their overseers introduced the flagship projects of their respective committees, such as the AGAP Tutoring for the Acad Committee; Kulito for the EdForm Committee; Chill Sessions for the SF Committee; Erya Program for the EdOp Committee, and; the Angel-Soul Scheme for the SA Committee. Moreover, these committees also introduced Ateneo Gabay’s seven talent pools – documentations, text blast, design, hosting, GaBand, Gabay Awesome Dancers (GADs), and YABAG. New members were encouraged to join and participate in these talent pools.

The latter part of the program involved the announcement for this year’s Angel-Soul pairings, another way for new members to adjust to the organization, as well as in the Ateneo. New members, called “souls,” are assigned to old members who will serve as their “angels,” and these pairs are tasked to do certain activities together. To conclude the whole program, Gabayanos sang the Gabay song while encircling the new members in order to officiate their membership and welcoming.

The First General Assembly is a project of RUBY, Gabay’s executive committee.

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