September 11, 2016

Ateneo Gabay holds its 2016 Tambay Week

by Mikaela Montano

“Manood, maglaro, at makihalubilo!”

This year, Tambay Week was all about the 90’s and childhood nostalgia. This week-long project was held at MVP 211 from September 5 to September 9, 2016. The Tambay Week, one of the yearly projects of the organization, aims to give Gabayanos the chance to know more about Gabay and allow old and new members to bond, hang out, and make new friends. It is also an invitation for members to eventually tambay and stay at the org room, MVP 215, even after the week is over.

Surrounded by memorabilia and posters from 90’s television shows and movies, members reminisced their childhood through cards, board games, old TV series, and movies. Different group dynamics activities such as the newspaper dance were held at certain hours to engage the members. In the true Gabay spirit of family and friendship, new Gabayanos entering the room were immediately welcomed, introduced to the other members, and invited to join the different activities and games. It did not take long for new faces to become familiar as they kept returning to play pusoy dos, study with their newfound friends, and rack their brains over Scrabble. Despite the varied courses, high schools, and hometowns of the Gabayanos, the welcoming atmosphere of the Tambay Week helped create new friendships and lasting memories among the different members.

Ateneo Gabay would like to express its gratitude to the project heads, their core team, and everyone who helped make Tambay Week a great success!

Project Heads: Ceara Agay and Mavee Alinsunod

Tambay Week Core Team: Tyrone Bucasas, Reina Tamayo, Kat Manlapaz, Jose Anadia, and  Loreben Tuquero, and King Palmea

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