July 27, 2016

Nagtitiwala: Gabay starts the year with 2016 Super Planning

by: Loreben Tuquero

This year, the Executive Committee (Execom) held the annual Intersession Planning and Formation Seminar (Super Planning) for Ateneo Gabay on July 22-24, 2016 at Albert Place Private Pool, Solemar del Pansol, Calamba. It aimed to form current members as member-advocates and leaders, as well as to discuss and evaluate previously-implemented projects to plan for projects to be conducted this academic year.

The first day of the Super Planning focused on the orientation and formation of members in order to concretize their ambitions for Gabay. The members started by establishing house rules and setting expectations for the seminar, the Execom, and fellow planners, with the Execom also declaring their expectations from the attendees. It was followed by the National Situationer, given by Veronica Baguio, Externals Vice President, to provide a current context of the nation so that members will be informed of the situation that the organization is operating under.

The planners then participated in an advocacy session and team-building activity where they were asked to share their specific and personal advocacies for the org. Each member wrote down their goals for their own projects, committees, and favorite sectors. Then, the Execom presented Gabay’s vision, as well as its thrust and goals for the year. They also discussed the structural changes that will take effect during their term.

On the second day, the focus shifted to organizational planning. They split up into four groups and discussed the projects under four categories: Gabay’s three core competencies, which are service to scholars, service to erya kids, and formation of members; and organizational development, which includes leadership training, financial management, project management, and internal and external communication. That night, the attendees competed in a tournament, the Super GD, after which they gave insights on the previous discussions on organizational planning. They then settled down to unwind during socials night, where the groups, once again, competed in the Super Planning’s annual pageant. Chester Abella and Alizza Ibrahim were this year’s winners.

The final day saw the synthesis and evaluation of the planning and formation seminar. The State of Gabay Address was given by Marimar Baticulon, Gabay’s current president.

“Ang kalagayan ng Gabay ay nagtitiwala. Katumbas ng pagtitiwala ninyo sa aming execom ang pagtitiwala rin ninyo sa inyong mga sarili, sa bawat isa at sa organisasyon nating mahal,” Baticulon said.

To end the seminar, attendees gathered around the pool to share their commitments and to sing the Gabay song.

The Ateneo Gabay Intersession Planning and Formation Seminar is a project of Ruby, the organization’s executive committee for SY 2016-2017.

Ruby: Marimar Baticulon, Ian Blanco, Veronica Baguio, John Paulo Llamera, John Aldrin Ward, Patrick Ronquillo, John Paul Sabio, Katrina Llorente, Niña Gochy. Romelle Contienda

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