May 2, 2016

Gabay Brings Back Two Fundraisers

by: Beloved Abigail Madlangbayan and Lance Calvin Gamboa

This past semester, Ateneo Gabay revived two of its annual fundraising projects—Regalo de Guia and Inspire-a-Kid—in order to fund the services it provides for its various sectors.

Regalo de Guia

Launched last March 29 to April 1, Regalo De Guia was a fundraising effort that aimed to raise funds for the book-lending service the organization had for Atenean scholars.

For 40 pesos, Ateneans were able to buy a 200-gram pack of gummy candies, which were available as sour tapes, caterpillars, cherry cola, sharks, gummy worms, or gummy bears. According to project head Andrei Triz Patupat, the Regalo de Guia team chose gummy candies as this year’s product because they wanted to bring something new to the Loyola Schools community. They also wanted to sell something that lot of people would buy and go back for constantly.

Operations for the project were supposed to start on March 28 (Monday) together with Scholars’ Week; however, due to the suspension of classes caused by the bomb threat, the project had to begin on March 29 (Tuesday).

With an astounding profit of ₱16,491, the project was able to exceed the target income of ₱15,000—yet another sweet victory for the organization.

Project Heads: Andrei Patupat and Trixie Tuparan

Core Team: Rustin Cagumbay, Gracielle Cruz, Cheslyn Fabello, John Lloyd de Troz, Julia Li, Kelvin Cabildo


Entitled Project Inspire, this year’s Inspire-a-Kid was held from April 25 to April 29 and intended to raise money for Erya Recognition Day, a project that culminated the Gabay Erya Formation Program for the year and rewarded Erya kids and tutors alike for their efforts.

Ateneans were given the option to either buy mini dreamcatchers for 35 pesos or pledge 25 pesos for the cause and receive a vinyl sticker as a token. The dreamcatchers came in different colors (like yellow, blue, green, black, and red) while various axioms (such as “Dasal lang talaga!,” “Para sa ekonomiya,” “#Gapang,” “Magis, bro!,” “Konti na lang,” and “Believe.”) served as the print for the stickers.

According to project head Athena Carangan, the dreamcatchers served as a symbol of the Erya kids reaching for their dreams. Meanwhile, the stickers aimed to inspire the Atenean community in braving through the last few weeks of the school year.

The project was able to raise ₱16,470, but Carangan projects that this amount will be augmented because online sales for the vinyl stickers are still ongoing.

Project Heads: Athena Carangan and Colemn Labrador

Core Team: Gybel Agregado, Francesca Cano, Rae Grepaldeo, Alizza Ibrahim, Michelle Malata, Ian Villafuerte, Nikka Legaspi, Julia Kim Li, Timothy Juan Tong, Thea Docena, Reina Tamayo

Regalo de Guia and Inspire-a-Kid are projects under the Office of the Finance Officer.


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