March 3, 2016

Gabay holds talk on tips to help students

By: Colemn Labrador

Ateneo Gabay held its first Academic Session last February 29, 2016 at Faura Hall’s Audio Visual Room. The event, entitled Eureka: A Talk on How to Ace your Exams, intended to impart on the attending scholars essential tips & insights on studying, accomplishing requirements, preparing for exams, & the academic life in general as Ateneans.

Hosts Thea Docena & Paul John Palomares kicked off the program with cheerful welcomes, then sophomore Gab Hernandez took the stage for the opening prayer. Afterwards, project head Urika Mendoza (who marked event as her namesake) delivered her opening remarks & heralded the three talks that would happen for the event.

The first talk was given by Gabay alumnus & current Department of Political Sciences lecturer Gino Trinidad. He underscored the idea that there must be no differences in preparing for both oral & written exams, & elevated the often disdained habit of memorizing as an essential step to learning. He also emphasized the importance of maintaining a good relationship with professors, studying in groups, & cramming only when you’re sure you can.

Present supersenior & Gabay member Joshua Ababa conducted the second talk. He narrated his experiences with a legendary professor & failed major exams. By doing so, he instilled the value of finding a suitable style in studying, preparing ahead of time, making full use of consultation hours, & having confidence in yourself in landing on pleasant grades.

The final speaker was Department of History lecturer Jose Ma. Edito Tirol. He, too, had a difficult start in college, but shared to the audience how he began excelling with the tips he used in tackling college readings, writing papers & prioritizing major requirements (or doing the easier tasks so more time can be allotted for the major ones).

Project Head: Urika Mendoza

Core Members: Gab Hernandez, Andrei Patupat, Ameera Tungupon, Royce Goden, Alexis Andaya, Stephanie Sumalinog, Neil Negrite, Ellice Ancheta

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