February 1, 2016

PrepErya Held for 2nd Semester

by: Glecy Canonoy

The second semester’s PrepErya (short for Preparation for Erya) was held last Friday January 29, 2016 at SEC-C 201, in time for the first Erya insertion of the semester the following Saturday. PrepErya is an activity held at the beginning of every semester to orient Gabayanos from the different arms of the Gabay Erya Formation Program (GEFP)—namely the Tutoring Arm, the Math Modules Arm, the English Modules Arm, and the Data Analysis Arm—about the GEFP itself and the work done by each arm for the benefit of its erya kids from Industrial Valley Elementary School, Holy Spirit Elementary School, and the High School Buddies under the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED).

After an opening prayer, Education Operations Committee head Cecille Espinosa talked about the recent developments and changes in the GEFP and the responsibilities of every Gabayano as a part of the GEFP and their respective arms. She also emphasized the importance of synergy, or the cooperation among the different arms, in the fulfillment of the GEFP’s goals to improve the math and English skills of erya kids and to inculcate in them the value of education.

On the second part of the activity, the different arms grouped together and held their individual breakout sessions which served to acquaint arm members about the tasks done in their arm. Heads, deputies, and members of each arm introduced themselves to the rest of their arm. Afterwards, arm heads explained the tasks and procedures of their arms to their members. The Math and English Modules arms also played their own versions of the game Jeopardy to test their members’ knowledge of the arms’ procedures and the do’s and don’ts of module construction. On the other hand, the Tutoring arm held a tutoring simulations to prepare members for their first insertion on the following day. The Data Analysis arm built up camaraderie among its members with a game of “I wanna be a tutubi.” All arms concluded their breakout sessions with some final reminders for the first Erya insertion on Saturday and other upcoming tasks.

PrepErya is a project of the Education Operations Committee.

Education Operations Committee head: Cecille Espinosa

Tutoring Arm Monitors and Deputies: Daniel Labial, Aldrin Ward (AM monitors); Jayson Estores, Katrina Llorente, Patricia Nepomuceno (PM monitors); Michael Banaylo, Kathleen Esmama, Jerome Jacob (AM deputies); Alyssa Alberto, Vinz Frias (PM deputies)

Math Modules Arm Heads and Deputies: Jesha Gregorio, Neil Negrite (heads); Gabriel Arriola, Danielle Gatpolintan (deputies)

English Modules Arm Heads and Deputies: Marjorie Chan, Lance Gamboa (heads); Glecy Canonoy, Riz Comia, Joan Go, Princess Guilas (deputies)

Data Analysis Arm Heads and Deputy: Bianca Arvesu, John Paul Sabio (heads); Ferdie Salazar (deputy)

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