February 10, 2016

Featured Tutor: Cesca Cano

Name: Francesca Luzanne P. Cano

Nickname: Cesca

Year and Course: 1 BS ME

Committee: Education Operations Committee

Angkan: Pallikaria

Mottos: “Just keep swimming.”

Erya Assignment: AM – Industrial Valley Elementary School

Favorite Tutee: Trixie

Why do you go to erya?

“Because I want to see the kids again.”

What difficulties did you encounter in erya?

“I’m shy, so it’s hard for me to get to know the kids. But they are friendly and cute.

What is your most memorable erya experience?

“January 30, 2016. [Babad Erya for second semester.] It was fun.”

What else do you expect from erya?

“More friendships. And hopefully, they’ll learn something.

Kung may album si Eryana Grande, ano ang title nito at bakit?

Focus! Focus to study–that’s what you need to graduate!”

Sa tingin mo, ano ang relationship status ni Eryana Grande?

“Single, because she is FOCUSING!”

Message to fellow tutors:

“Always go to Erya!”

Message to erya kids:

“Study hard!”

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