January 19, 2016

Featured Erya Kid: Ken Tayab

Name: Ken Frances E. Tayab

Nickname: Ken

School: Industrial Valley Elementary School

Describe yourself: “Serious student.”

Talents: computer gaming and dancing

Ambitions: “To be an engineer.”

Favorite Subjects: math

Favorite Shows: Hero Channel

Favorite Movies: Kung Fu Panda

Favorite Artists: Vic Sotto

Favorite Songs: “Love Yourslef” by Justin Bieber

Favorite Tutors: Kuya Penny Bonifacio

What is your most memorable erya experience?

“Noon pong pumunta kami sa Ateneo.”

Message to tutors:

“Thank you for helping me!”

Message to future self:

“I want to be able to help my parents by being hardworking!”

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