November 3, 2015

Gabay holds G?! Inspirational Forum on Pain

By: Glecy Mae P. Canonoy

Ateneo Gabay held G!?: Inspirational Forum last October 30, 2015. Now on its third year, G?! tackled pain, a stark yet relevant shift from the more positive themes of the previous inspirational forums. The event, which started as a discernment talk, aims to give motivation to the Ateneo scholars community through talks from distinguished speakers. Gabay held G?! Inspirational Forum last at CTC 416

In his opening remarks, one of the project heads AJ De Leon emphasized the significance of pain as an essential part of an individual’s growth. Afterwards, hosts Rickdane Gomez and Clowee Licsi introduced the three speakers: Mr. Ken Abante, ADMU Class of 2012 Valedictorian and current Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Finance at the Department of Finance; Ms. Tano Ramoya, instructor at the ADMU Philosophy Department; and Mr. Prim Paypon, founder of the NGO The DreamProject PH.

Mr. Abante talked about pain from rejection and failure, mentioning experiences from his childhood, his life as a student and his work as a civil servant. His talk highlighted the graces that arose despite his pains, as well as his gratitude for these graces despite having done nothing to deserve them. Ms. Ramoya followed with her talk on pain from significant loss. She talked about important points including how pain instructs, how existence is prerequisite to loss, and how loss is always partial. In one of her striking remarks, she said that “scars do not heal; they are healed wounds.” The last speaker, Mr. Paypon, talked about pain and uncertainty by relating pain to his passion as a development worker. He elaborated on his five things to do to turn deep social pains into nation-building passions and summarized them by saying, “tibayin ang masakit sa malasakit” (referring to how “malasakit” cannot be spelled without “masakit,” just as “passion” cannot be spelled without “pain”). Each of the speakers were given tokens of appreciation after their talk. Serg Santos, one of the project heads, concluded the event with his closing remarks.

Project Heads: AJ De Leon & Serge Santos

Core Team: Patrick Ronquillo, Dea de Guzman, Elija Torre, Jay-Ar Prado, Pat Yray, Louie Lava, Janice Dimaano, Andrei Patupat, Alawi Sularte, Trixie Tuparan


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