November 15, 2015

Erya ACP 2015

Ahoy, pirate!

Climb aboard as we set sail for a new adventure and search for the treasure with our erya kids in this year’s Erya Alternative Class Program!

Erya ACP is a whole-day event where our kids from Industrial Valley Elementary School and Holy Spirit Elementary School go to the Ateneo to learn new things from the different classes facilitated by our partner organizations.

Be at the Colayco Pavilion on November 21, Saturday in your stripes/pirate-inspired costume and hop on deck as we traverse uncharted waters and accompany our kids in an adventure they will never forget! See ya, matey!

This project is made possible through partnerships with the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo, the Ateneo Center for Educational Development, Ateneo Chemistry Society, Company of Ateneo Dancers,Ateneo Entablado, League of Ateneo Physicists, and Ateneo Management Economics Organization.

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