November 7, 2015

Erya ACP 2015 Volunteer Signups

Ahoy, laddies!

The captain needs yer hands on deck! Strap on yer boots, and get aboard this year’s Erya Alternative Classes Program!

Erya ACP is one of the most awaited events of our erya kids from Holy Spirit Elementary School and Industrial Valley Elementary school. It is a whole day activity of the kids where they will go to Ateneo and experience fun classes facilitated by our partner student groups and organizations. We are expecting a lot of kids to come, so we need yer help!

Scrawl down yer names on ye captain’s log at, and gather with the crew on Novembarrr 13, Fry’day roundabouts 4:30 in the afternoon at CTC 104!

See ye there, matey!

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