November 2, 2015

AS Deed 5: Maligno at Panaginip

The future has sent its final message!

“Travel back to the era of spirits and babaylans, and relive the fears and dreams of our ancestors by attending the spooky Scholars’ Friendship Day* with your Angel-Soul group or individually volunteering in the dreamy Feels-in-the-Blanks booth**. Sign-up at or e-mail your SFD picture to with the subject Bonus Deed – <Angel’s surname> + <Souls’ surnames> to record history.
Submissions beyond the 14th of November of the current year will all be lost in time.”

Remember that the future is in chaos; follow these instructions to restore peace.
Poster by Al Francis Bontogon

*SFD – 06 November 2015
**Feels-in-the-Blanks – 03-06, 09-13 November 2015

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