November 23, 2015

Erya kids visit the Ateneo for fun classes

By: Joan Go

In cooperation with the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo, Ateneo Center for Educational Development, In-Visible, Ateneo Chemistry Society, Ateneo Entablado, Ateneo Management Economics Organization , and Ateneo League of Physicists, Ateneo Gabay held the Erya Alternative Class Program (ACP) in the Colayco Pavilion last November 21 (Saturday). ACP is an annual project that not only allows the erya kids to experience fun classes outside their usual math and English tutoring sessions but also aims to show the children the possibility of obtaining quality secondary education.

This year’s ACP had a pirate-oriented theme. The venue was laden with origami chains and treasure map trails and had a photo booth with a ship hull and anchor. Both the core team and volunteers sported elaborate pirate costumes with matching name tags, and some of the kids wore bandannas.

The kids from Industrial Valley Elementary School (IVES) and Holy Spirit Elementary School (HSES) arrived at 8 am in a crowd of energy and enthusiasm. They were first sorted into groups before the program was officially started by hosts Julia Agida and Guil Toledo. After a prayer by Joan Go and a slew of opening remarks by project head Gabrielle Gabaton, the kids were off to their classes in chemistry (where they witnessed experiments involving non-Newtonian fluids and “burning” paper bills), physics (where they got to see some physics devices in action), dance (where they learned this year’s ACP dance to the tune of Rather Be), and acting (where they learned some basics about the art). They then reconvened in the pavilion for lunch, which was followed by a game of Mamera and a class on financial literacy (where the kids learned to distinguish between necessities and luxuries and to save up for their wants).

The kids then had an Amazing Race in the SEC Field in order to integrate the lessons they learned for the day. They played games such as Charades, Chemistry Basketball, Cup and Stack, Follow the Leader, Harina Game, Shopping on a Budget, and Simon Says Quiet. Afterwards, the kids and tutors were allowed to enjoy the afternoon of this year’s last erya insertion by bonding through chatting or casual games of tag. Pictures were taken before the kids were led back to the pavilion for the announcement of the Amazing Race winners, the distribution of souvenir loot bags, and the closing remarks by project head Rick Dane Gomez.

The day closed with the kids smiling, bidding farewells to their ates and kuyas, and making promises of seeing them again next year.

The Erya Alternative Classes Program is a project of the Education Operations Committee.

Project Heads: Gabrielle Gabaton and Rick Gomez

Core Team: Grace Ajero, Karl Aparece, Marimar Baticulon, Jill Banta, Tiffany Baraero, Samantha Ege, Cecille Espinosa, Lance Gamboa, Joan Go, Daniel Labial, Alyssa Lambinicio, Diane Llorin, Abigail Napeñas, Engelica Perez, Robin Ramos, Ferdie Salazar, Darwin Tesion

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