September 3, 2015

Pool Applications 1516 Wave 2

Are you perky? Profound? Creative? Talented? Do you want to grow and improve while serving our sectors? Make your ‪#‎pagtataya‬ gaming strong and be part of Ateneo Gabay’s pools!

In its 39th year, Ateneo Gabay offers you 8 pools in which you can sign-up for and belong to more than one. The pools, together with their corresponding heads, include:

1) Design Team (Al Francis Bontogon)
2) Documentations Team (Dea De Guzman)
3) Text Blast Team (Mhaey Contienda)
4) Yabag Editorial Board (Anne Berango)
5) GaBand Talent Pool (AJ De Leon and Lyonel Tanganco)
6) Gabay Awesome Dancers Talent Pool (Alo Leceta and Niña Gochy)
7) Hosting Pool (Danilo Gubaton and Lucky Mores)
8) Alok Team (Mhaey Contienda, Raissa Lacsamana, and Ronnie Moranas)

What are you waiting for? Love Gabay like you do! Just go to and fill up the form!

Deadline of sign-ups: September 20, 2015, 11:59PM

Video by Dea de Guzman

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