September 22, 2015

Gabayanos meet erya kids

By: Rosiel Villareal and Rick Gomez

Grade 5 students from the Industrial Valley Elementary School (IVES) and Holy Spirit Elementary School (HSES) met their Gabayano tutors last September 19 in separate fun-filled first insertions (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM for IVES; 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM for HSES) that marked the start of a meaningful year of learning.

The Erya Kids’ General Assembly, also known as the First Insertion, aims to acquaint the erya kids with their Gabayano ates and kuyas through a series of introductory and team-building activities.

Tutoring AM – Industrial Valley Elementary School

The IVES erya kids’ mornings started with tutoring monitor Daniel Labial orienting them on what they should expect from the Erya Program in the coming weeks. He introduced the Erya Alternative Classes Program and the Erya Recognition Day to the students and reminded them of their responsibilities as chosen beneficiaries of the Erya Program—that is, to attend and actively participate in all the tutoring sessions so that they can make the most out of the opportunity.

Labial then divided the students into four groups based on the results of the diagnostic exams administered before the start of the program. Afterwards, Gabayanos and students broke out to their assigned groups and got to know each other. Several group dynamics—such as “Mamera,” “Evolution,” and “Bahay, Baboy, Bagyo”—were then held to further strengthen ties among Gabayanos and erya kids alike.

Tutoring PM – Holy Spirit Elementary School

Meanwhile, tutoring monitor Jesha Gregorio began the HSES tutors’ afternoon by orienting them about their groupings and the flow of activities for the afternoon. At the same time, Education Operations Committee Head Cecille Espinosa and tutoring deputy Ferdie Salazar oriented the kids about the GEFP. Espinosa emphasized the erya kids’ role in the said program and helped them realize what their responsibilities as its beneficiaries were.

The tutors then got to know their kids by playing several getting-to-know-you and childhood games. The afternoon concluded with an inter-group competition of “Mamera” and a processing session for the tutors. With eight-five tutors (forty-eight for IVES and thirty-seven for HSES) and about eighty-six erya kids (forty in HSES and forty-six in IVES) in attendance, the event succeeded in introducing to new members and renewing in old members the spirit of the Erya Program and in encouraging the erya kids to warm up to the tutors who will serve as their guides for the months ahead.

The Erya Kids’ General Assembly is a project of the Education Operations Committee.

Education Operations Committee Head: Cecille Espinosa. Tutoring Monitors: Jayson Estores, Jesha Gregorio, Daniel Labial, Patricia Nepomuceno. Tutoring Deputies: Adrian Cordero, Eden Decierdo, Katrina Llorente, Ferdie Salazar

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