September 27, 2015

Featured Tutor: Leana Torres

Name: Leana Venne Forbes Torres

Nickname: Leana

Year and Course: 1 BS BIO

Committee: Education Operations Committee

Mottos: “Be extraordinary!”

Erya Assignment: AM – Industrial Valley Elementary School

Favorite Tutee: Lorraine

Why do you go to erya?

“Gusto ko magturo ng kids at hindi ako busy this week.”

What difficulties did you encounter in erya?

“Mababa ang attention span ng tutee ko at easily distracted siya. Competitive din siya in a way that she compares herself to her classmates.

What is your most memorable erya experience?

“Noong binigyan ako ni JB, tutee ko, ng Rebisco noong first erya insertion.”

What else do you expect from erya?

“Sana may jeep na lagi. Mas marami pa sanang exercises na matched sa module.

Kung may album si Eryana Grande, ano ang title nito at bakit?

aREINA Grande. Kasi mas sikat na si Ate Reina (Tamayo) kay Ariana.”

Sa tingin mo, ano ang relationship status ni Eryana Grande?

“In a relationship kasi it looks that way.”

Message to fellow tutors:

“Don’t give up on your tutees! Love them unconditionally.”

Message to erya kids:

“Don’t forget your ates and kuyas! Study hard!”

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