September 2, 2015

Ateneo Gabay holds GOrsem 2015

By: Jayson Estores

Last Saturday, August 29, 2015, Ateneo Gabay conducted its annual Gabay Orientation Seminar (GOrsem) at the Colayco Pavillion, in order to welcome the organization’s newest members and to introduce to them the different aspects of the organization. GOrsem is considered as an essential part of being a Gabayano, because, starting this year, one can only be deemed an official member of Ateneo Gabay after attending the said event. Therefore, even the upperclassmen who were unable to experience GOrsem before were required to attend the said event.

As in every year, the event began with a mass to ask for guidance from above. The new members were then given a brief overview of what Ateneo Gabay is and what it stands for. Lunch followed shortly after. Then, Erin Jay Feliciano, Sector-Based Cluster (SBC) head of the Council of Organizations in the Ateneo (CoA), introduced the different organizations in this cluster. Afterwards came the GOrsem Idol, a competition that showcased the talents of Gabay’s five committees through various performances. This year’s champion is once again the Social Adjustment committee, marking their sixth consecutive year of winning the competition. Afterwards, the new members went through various trust activities to finalize their initiation to the organization. The Gabay Song was then sang to mark the end of the event.

Gabay Orientation Seminar is a project of the Social Adjustment Committee.

Project Heads: Julia Agida and Paul John Palomares
Core Team: Ceara Agay, Jose Anadia, Tiffany Baraero, Mhaey Contienda, Ed Decierdo, Gabrielle Gabaton, Marielle Impuerto, Katrina Llorente, Ronnie Moranas, Trixie Tuparan

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