September 4, 2015

Angel-Soul Scheme: Time Warp & Sem-Long Projects Launch

Time is in jeopardy!

Do you have what it takes to save the future? Begin your mission in this year’s Angel-Soul Scheme Launch: Time Warp. Find your partners and learn what you have to do to right everything.

The Angel-Soul Scheme aims to acquaint new Gabay members with the organization and its advocacy by assigning them as “souls” to an old member (called their “angel”) with whom they will accomplish various fun and informative deeds and activities.

Your journey through time begins this September 14, 04:30-07:00, at the Leong Hall Roofdeck.

The Angel-Soul Scheme Launch will also see the launch of Gabay’s other semester-long projects, namely ChiLL, Chill with Bro. Mark, Kulito, KuliTV, and LGBT. Make sure not to miss out because the future is at stake!

Poster by Al Francis Bontogon

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