August 1, 2015

UNTAMED: Gabay’s 39th Birthday Party


Feel the wilderness and ecstasy this August 12, 2015 as we celebrate GABAY’S 39TH BIRTHDAY PARTY and its FIRST GENERAL ASSEMBLY.

Ateneo Gabay’s Birthday Party and 1st GA celebrates the organization’s 39 years of service by presenting the history and culture of Gabay for the past years. The event will also orient the members about the upcoming projects of the organization. Fun activities and performances from the different committees await you!

Ticket Price: 100 PHP
Ticket Door Price: 120 PHP
Ticket Price for Alumni: 150 PHP

*Ticket selling will start on August 4 at MVP 215 (Gabay Room). You can also buy tickets from the core members (Jopau Llamera, Clowee Licsi, Paulene Oranga, Eric Aninang, Triz Patupat, Niels Nable, Tiff Baraero, Alo Leceta, and Danilo Gubaton). Tickets will only be sold to renewed members and alumni.*

Registration starts at 5:00PM at MVP Roofdeck.

Don’t forget to be dressed as your favorite animal or come in animal print!

If you have questions/concerns, contact Paulene Oranga (09175354292), Clowee Licsi (09154084425), or Lucky Mores (09066612343).

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