August 18, 2015

Parents of erya kids attend PEP Talk

By: Lance Gamboa

Last August 15, 2015, members of the Gabay Erya Formation Program’s (GEFP) tutoring arm visited the Industrial Valley Elementary School (IVES) in Marikina City to give the Erya kids’ parents the PEP Talk.

The PEP Talk or the Preparation for the Erya Program Talk is an annual orientation that seeks to introduce the Erya Program to the parents and inform them of what to expect for the coming school year.

Last Saturday’s PEP Talk marked the tutoring arm’s first interaction with the parents of IVES, one of Gabay’s newest partner public elementary schools for the school year. Led by IVES tutoring monitor Daniel Labial (4 BS HSc), the two-hour talk started at nine in the morning and saw the attendance of some thirty parents, who learned more about Ateneo Gabay as an organization. The parents were also briefed regarding the Erya Program’s history, the requirements they and their children have to fulfill as participants, and the benefits their children would reap from actively engaging in the program.

After the introduction of the Erya Program, tutoring monitor Jasyon Estores (3 BS AMF) shared his experiences as a public school student recipient of a program similar to the GEFP. He talked about how such a program gave him many opportunities and encouraged the parents to support their children’s participation in the Erya Program as a potential way of opening more doors for the kids and building a better parent-child relationship.

The PEP Talk ended with an open forum in which the parents asked questions and clarified some points regarding the Erya Program.

The PEP Talk is a project of the Education Operations Committee:

Education Operations Head: Cecille Espinosa
Tutoring Monitors: Jayson Estores, Jesha Gregorio, Daniel Labial, Patricia Nepomuceno
Erya Documentations: Neil Vildad

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