August 21, 2015

Ninoy Aquino Anniversary Special

Sa anibersaryo ng pagkapaslang kay Ninoy, nais ko lamang ibahagi ang parte na ito mula sa kaniyang talumphati na patungkol sa mga karahasan sa First Quarter storm. Isang magandang paalala sa mga uri ng estudyante, at sa mithiin na dapat nating abutin bilang estudyante na may kapasidad na mag-isip, magtanong, at magdala ng pagbabago.

“Let us not forget either the more glaring sociological fact of the student world. We have, as they are, three types of students. Let me talk about them briefly:

Firstly, we have the students who, like little children unquestioningly accept the culture imposed upon them by their teachers, dutifully attend their lectures and repeat the ideas of their professors, aspire for nothing more than a certificate of graduation to ornament their salas or their offices.

Secondly, we have students who are opportunists concerned only with their professional futures. They have no illusions about the purely utilitarian functions of their education. They know their whole preparation is for a well-paying job in some bureaucratic corporation, nothing more.

These are the two types often mobilized to defend the institutionalized hypocrisy of the Establishment. Sooner than later, they become the Praetorian Guard of the status quo.

But we have a third group of students. They are the students who have raised fundamental questions, who have analyzed their problems and the logic of their conclusions, who have rejected most of what contemporary society stands for. They are a growing group — and they are becoming the catalysts of the student movements.

Bullets and truncheons can never answer the fundamental questions that these students now pose!

It is my hope that, against the attempts at coercion by Mr. Marcos, they shall again stand their ground. If they flag, their martyrs shall have died for nothing.”

Maligayang Ninoy Aquino Day!

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