August 24, 2015

GOrSem 2015: ON AIR

Tune in to the new beat of Ateneo Gabay as it welcomes its new members in this year’s GOrSem: ON AIR!

Gabay Orientation Seminar (GOrSem) is a yearly project of the organization which aims to introduce the different aspects of the organization including the executive board, five committees and their assignments, core competencies, and advocacy to the new members. Watch out for thrilling activities and group dynamics! BRING YOUR BLINDFOLD!

Registration starts at 7:30 am at Colayco Pavillion.
Everyone is encouraged to attend the mass at 8:00 am. GRADUATING members who have NOT attended GOrSem yet are REQUIRED to come.
Let your body dance to the rhythm by wearing your most comfortable clothes (preferably jeans and closed shoes).

See you all there!

For other concerns and inquiries, contact Julia Agida (09053225230) and Paul John Palomares (09178232989).

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