August 17, 2015

Gabay celebrates 39th year

By: Veronica Baguio

In celebration of Ateneo Gabay’s 39th year, members gathered at the MVP Roofdeck for the organization’s birthday party which also served as the first semester general assembly. On August 12, 2015, 88 Gabayanos came together for the wilderness-themed Untamed: First GA/Birthday Party. Alumni were also in attendance of the gathering, which was hosted by Ronnie Moranas and Veronica Baguio.

Project heads Paulene Oranga and Clowee Anne Licsi opened the program by thanking everyone for coming and wishing for everyone’s enjoyment of the program. This was followed by an ice-breaker to up the energy levels of the attendees. Dinner was then served, with the audience serenaded by members of GaBand. After dinner, Gabay’s dance group, Gabay Awesome Dancers (GADS), treated members to a dance presentation.

A video presentation of Gabay’s projects for the first semester was then shown to the members to inform them of what endeavors the members are undertaking for the organization. Afterwards, Ateneo Gabay’s Executive Committee, MEGA, shared their messages and sentiments in celebration of the organization’s 39th year before blowing the candles of the cake. Gabay President Louie Cartagena expressed his admiration of everyone’s hopes and dreams for the organization, and asserted that members must continue to work hard to achieve the goals of the organization. The program ended with a party game. All members then gathered to sing the Ateneo Gabay song.

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