August 10, 2015

The Book Lending Service is back

The BOOK LENDING SERVICE is again available!

Borrow a book for only Php 40. Check the available books at . Signups start tomorrow (August 11), 8 PM. Book release starts August 12, 9 AM (MVP 215).

*Still first come, first served

1. Click the link for the Book Lending Database above.

2. Read and understand the updated Terms and Conditions on the next sheet.

3. Proceed to Book Availability Sheet and look for the book you want to borrow. You can use CTRL + F.

4. Memorize or take note of the BOOK CODE of the book. You will need this in filling out the Book Request form. (Link found on the right side of the table.)

5. Finish filling out the form but DO NOT CLOSE that tab so you can edit your responses if ever necessary.

6. Go back to Book Availability sheet to check if your book request has been successfully recorded. (Check if your ID number is the one that is shown in the Borrower column next to the book you want to borrow.)

7. Go back to Step 2 if you wish to request for another book.

8. After signing up, please wait for a confirmation e-mail/text that includes further details on how to claim the book/s you borrowed.

This service is for scholars and members only.

Poster by Raven Ico

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