July 28, 2015

Gabayanos Plan for the Coming School Year

By: Lance Gamboa

In an effort to actively involve the organization’s members in evaluating its past projects and in planning for its future ones, Ateneo Gabay organized the Intersession (previously Summer) Planning and Evaluation Seminar, more commonly known as Super Planning. Super Planning is a three-day event held in the Ateneo’s Colayco Pavilion and in Villa Alfredo’s Resort in Pampanga from July 23, 2015 to July 2015.

Aside from including the members in the assessment and conceptualization of projects, the Super Planning also aims to equip Gabayanos with various leadership skills and to establish a tighter bond among them.

Context and Evaluation

Attended by some fifty members of the organization, the seminar began with a talk from Sector-Based Cluster (SBC) Head Erin Feliciano (4 BS HSc), who introduced the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA) and the SBC (the cluster Gabay belongs to) to the attendees. This was followed by an education situationer from Education Formation Committee Head Mika Roque (4 BS LM), who spoke of the changes in the Philippines’s primary and secondary education system and the roles the members play with respect to these changes, and a presentation from Internals Vice President Jill Banta (4 BS CH-MSE), who discussed the organization’s TML (Tinatanaw, Misyon, at Layunin) and VSA (Values, Sentiments, and Advocacy).

After the presentation, the seminar’s attendees rode a bus to Villa Alfredo’s Resort, where the rest of the event’s first day was dedicated to evaluating the performance of Gabay as an organization advocating education, its project management and financial management systems, and its semester-long projects (such as the Erya Program, the Angkan Scheme, CHILL, the organization’s academic services for scholars, and Kulito).


The second day commenced with President Louie Cartagena (4 BFA ID) and Finance Officer Jim Tsang (4 BS ME) revealing Ateneo Gabay’s thrust for the year—ensuring the sustainability of the organization so that it can continue promoting its advocacy and addressing the needs of its sectors—and the various goals geared towards achieving this thrust.

The participants then broke off into their respective committees—each of which planned for and put together a presentation about its upcoming projects. Afterwards, the assembly was introduced to the executive board’s five offices and each office’s undertakings for the year. The seminar’s planning phase finally ended with an open forum for Scholar’s Week 2015-2016 led by project heads Veronica Baguio (3 AB PSY) and Lyonel Tanganco (3 BS ME)—in which members were given the chance to pitch in comments and suggestions for the organization’s flagship project.

The Gabayanos culminated the second day with a socials night, which they spent by holding cheery activities and bonding together.

The Final Day

Organization President Louie Cartagena greeted the third day in SuperPlanning with his State of Gabay Address (SOGA). He spoke of the many ups and downs the organization has been through in recent years and of his optimism that Gabay will certainly reach its goal of sustainability.

To cap off three productive days of evaluating, planning, and bonding, the seminar’s attendees gathered together around the edge of the resort’s pool and, one by one, shared and voiced out their commitments to the organization. As a symbol of their pledge to immerse themselves in these commitments, the Gabayanos passionately plunged into the pool’s cool water and sang the Gabay Song in sincere unison.

The Intersession Planning and Evaluation Seminar is a project of the Office of the President.

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