March 27, 2015

Bee Seen Goes to Batino!

Last Friday, March 19 2015, a group of Health Sciences majors went to one of Gabay’s sectors, Batino Elementary School, to introduce a pedestrian safety innovation to some of its students. Seeing as the students of Batino Elementary School are at high risk of experiencing pedestrian accidents due to the school’s proximity to Aurora Blvd along with a call time that will require students to walk to school as early as 5:30 AM, when the sun has barely risen, these Health Sciences majors felt that their innovation could serve these students.

The innovation given to the students was add-on reflective strips that were customizable to the students’ liking. These were meant to make the students more visible to oncoming vehicles while walking on the road. Ideally placed on the bags of the students, the reflective strips will reflect back some light to a vehicle to indicate the presence of a nearby pedestrian. Seeing as pedestrian visibility has been a significant factor for road accidents, the innovation aimed to mitigate the incidence of these road accidents. This way, the students of Batino Elementary School would be safe from harm from the vehicles passing through Aurora Blvd.

The reflective strips were rolled out to the students along with a short lecture on road safety and a pamphlet that complements this lecture. The strips were well-received by the students. Many were very excited to get to work on customizing their strips to fit the designs on their bags. With this excitement came much creativity on the kids’ parts in designing their strips accordingly.

Bee Seen’s innovation aims to keep these students in Batino Elementary School safe from road accidents. Hopefully with their innovation, these children will have safer walks to school.

Article written by Alexis Andaya, 3 BS HSc

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