February 16, 2015

Leveling Up: ACAD Session 2015

The Acad Session was held last February 16 at Sec Lec B, with three talks centering on the theme “Leveling Up.”

What is a scholar?
The first speaker, the director of the OAA department, Jumela F. Sarmiento talked about Scholars: What a scholar is, the positive and negative traits of a scholar, and her experiences as scholar, from her college up to her masters in Kyushu.

She also stressed the importance of giving back to the community, like discovering and nurturing talents and giving opportunities to others, as the OAA director, Coordinator for Erasmus Mundus Mobility in Asia, and the president of the Philippine Mathematical Olympiad.
“I don’t have any five-year, ten-year long term goals… but after tutoring, mentoring, I have hopefully become a service to others… Find what motivates you, what excites you.”

She gave examples of giving back to the community, like supporting the scholarship program, sharing talents as guest speakers, teaching in the Ateneo, and mentoring young Ateneans.

Acads or/and Extracurriculars?
The next speaker, the Sector Based Cluster Head of COSA, Joyce Tiam-Lee, talked about balancing org workload and academics, whether the two competed or complemented to one’s time, pointing out that grades are to be monitored, but not made the center of one’s life, describing it as a planet than the sun in one’s solar system.

In addition, she told her reasons for joining the Sector Based Cluster (SBC). “Gusto kong magpabago ng buhay,” she explained.

In addition, she gave further advice in managing extracurriculars and academics. “Know your capacity, di naman na iwasan mo sila, baka sila pa ang magpabago ng buhay mo… Go out of your comfort zone, but know where your growth zone is… wag magpaubos.”

She said time should be well-spaced out for buffering. Events should be known and scheduled, but there should be time for leeway.

One can also ask for help regarding the workload, and not be afraid to clash ideas.

Lastly, she advised sleep as necessary. “Always have your me time… mas selfless kapag may me time,” she added.

Will I take it?
The third speaker was a representative of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines. Ms. Bettina Dominguez. Her talk focused on: The company, what her job is in the company, and her tips in career planning.

She gave an overview on Coca-Cola FEMSA as the manufacturer of Coca-Cola and other beverage products.

Next, she shared her experience as a recruitment analyst in the company and what she sees about her job.

“I can be the person that gives them the opportunity of working for coke. You have to reject a lot of people… but taking in one is satisfying,” she said. “I never saw myself in the corporate world… For right now, I saw another aspect of myself.”

Lastly, she gave five tips on Career planning: Knowing oneself, knowing one’s values, having a plan, being open and flexible, and not being hard on oneself.

The forum ended with closing remarks from Ralph Marbida.

Project Heads: Gian Galang and Ralph Marbida
Promotions: Andrei Triz Patupat
Programs: Marc Louie Magallanes and JC Peralta
Documentations: Ellyn Tolentino and Rosiel Villareal
Logistics: Patrick Nheill Ronquillo
Finance: Alexander Sarino
Secretariat: Louise Jenessy Tec and Alo Leceta

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