February 16, 2015

Gabay Launches Newest Fundraiser: Regalo de Guia

February 16 to 20 marked the weeklong operations of Ateneo Gabay’s newest project, Regalo de Guia, a fundraising effort that aims to spread the one of the organization’s core values — paying it forward.

Its title being a direct translation of the phrase “gift of guidance,” the project accomplished this goal by selling big and small keychain dolls meant to respectively symbolize the ates and kuyas who “have paid it forward” and the people who they “have paid it forward to.” Available in green, yellow, and orange, the dolls may be bought by pair so that the purchaser may keep the smaller doll and subsequently give the larger doll to an ate or kuya as a token of gratitude for the him/her. The dolls thus become a manifestation of the irreplaceable bond connecting the giver and the receiver.

Project Head Lorenzo Espacio (2 AB Development Studies) states that Regalo de Guia was born out of the need to conceptualize a novel project that can both serve as a stable source of funds and promote a branding face for the organization. The core team therefore decided that the value of paying-it-forward aptly brings together all of the organization’s three sectors and properly represents what Ateneo Gabay is all about.

The innovative scheme, formerly known as Project Zoom during its planning stages, was formally launched to the organization’s members in the University Dorm basement on the thirteenth of February. The event was graced by Mr. Timothy Gabuna, University Dorm coordinator and first ever recipient of Ateneo Gabay’s services, and Mr. Neil Manibo, professor from the Mathematics Department and former Internals Vice President of Ateneo Gabay Both talked about their own stories of receiving and giving and their experiences as scholars of the Ateneo in relation to Regalo de Guia’s pay-it-forward concept.

Regalo de Guia is a project under Ateneo Gabay’s Office of the Finance Officer.

Project Heads: Lorenzo Espacio and Tiffany Baraero
Programs: Veronica Baguio and Czarina Duka
Logistics: JP dela Cruz and Niña Gochy
Secretariat: Cecille Espinosa, Lance Gamboa, and Rosiel Villareal
Finance: Szasa Lambinicio and Hannah Magallanes
Promos: Eric Aninang and Nikko Sanchez

Article written by Lance Gamboa, 1 BS PSY

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