February 10, 2015

Redemption through Bathalangkan Hosting Days: Oasis

With the theme Oasis, the Bathalangkan Hosting Days became a means for redemption and collaboration among the four angkans. The Angkan Hosting Days is an eight-day tambay arranged by each angkan according to the winning Hosting Pitch of Dynami.

The Angkan Hosting Days was held from February 10 to 13, 16 to 19, and 23. Dikaiosyni hosted the February 10 and February 16 and showed the films Zombieland and Thor: The Dark World. Synesi led Oasis last February 11 and 17 along with the movie Wall-E.Dynami screened Wrath of the Titans and The Host and hosted last February 12 and February 18. Pallikaria steered the hosting days on February 13 and February 23 and marathoned Marvel and DC and World War Z.

Aside from screening various movies every hosting day, games were also prepared for all members. The Last God Standing, The Downfall, Gods Against Humanity, The Shrine, Yakisoba eating contest, and Beer Pong were played among others.

Article written by Jennifer Pagay, 2 BS/M AMF

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