February 27, 2015

YEP 2015: Ateneo Gabay Concludes Year with a Prom

Ateneo Gabay as an organization has grown even stronger this year, with its multiple projects driven by the organization’s mission to serve an ever-growing scholars’ community in the Ateneo as well as the sectors whose needs the organization caters to. To celebrate Ateneo Gabay’s victories for the year and to thank the individuals who have played great roles in directing the organization’s success, Ateneo Gabay’s Year-End Prom 2015 (YEP) served to culminate the school year.

post 2015-02-27 YEP 2

Held last February 27, 2015 at the University Dorm Basement of the campus, YEP 2015 centered on the theme Midnight in Paris. To conform to this theme, the event was flocked by the organization’s members in their garments of varying shades of blue and black, providing the event with an atmosphere of a broad range of sentiments.

The program commenced with the owning of the stage of the event’s hosts, namely VJ Serag and Nina Gochy. It formally started with an opening prayer conducted by Bianca Arvesu followed by the inviting opening remarks of the event’s project heads, Clowee Licsi and John Paulo Llamera. Soon the audience was engaged and seen enlivened by a Newspaper Dance that got them taking off their stilettos and just relishing the beginning of the night. Right after, a video of interviews of Surge, this year’s Executive Committee, was shown. This was succeeded by the showing of a Throwback Video, a video recollecting several memories that have emerged during the year, then immediately a Seniors’ Tribute Video to look at how our seniors have grown inside our organization through the years.

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The dinner followed. While the attendees were supping, Gaband took the stage and began serenading them. When the plates were all cleared, the attendees were entertained by performances from Surge then Mega, next year’s Executive Committee. A video that had been accumulating excitement the entire night and that finally revealed the positions of next year’s executive committee was shown. A Habilin Portion, where words of advice and gratitude were exchanged between the previous and the next committee heads and executive board followed. After this, the OIVP Awards meant to give acknowledgment to those Gabayanos who have caught everyone’s attention the entire year with their habits and commitment took place.
Another exciting portion of the program followed: Bathalangkan: the Angkan Scheme 2014 Awarding, conducted by Angkan Scheme Project Heads Veronica Baguio and Ian Blanco. For the third year in a row, Dikaiosyni, with its indefatigable and devoted members, bagged overall championship. Dynami came in second while Pallikaria and Synesi landed in the third and fourth places respectively. Special Awards were bestowed upon the members of each Angkan who shone and proved their dedication to their Angkans.

The event also gave awards to those attendees who stood as head-turners the entire evening. Cheers filled the venue as the award of Best Dressed went to Ka Yan Chan, as freshies Alex Retona and Julia Agida were hailed as the Prom Prince and Princess respectively, and as Ateneo Gabay Pres. Kirk Jamison turned out to be the Prom King and Finance Officer Francis Catibog the Prom Queen. These two last awardees also impressed the crowd soon after with their wonderful instrumental performances of Canon in D, Huling El Bimbo, and Lost Stars as the audience supplied the lyrics to the music by singing along. GADS also did not let the night finish without their own part in the program and filled the audience with awe with their astonishing moves.

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The dance floor was soon opened. While some people were moving to the music, some were tying strings of yarn around each other’s wrists. These yarns embody different meanings and communicate something to the person whose wrist you are decking with that yarn. The program concluded with the ceremonial singing of the Gabay Song.

Ateneo Gabay is home to a lot of us, and in this event, we know we became drawn to our organization even more. The clear and starry skies that evening reflect the future we expect for our community: the one that dazzles and proves to be limitless.

Ateneo Gabay YEP Project Heads: Clowee Anne Licsi and John Paulo D. Llamera
Programs Committee: Joshua Ababa and Niña Gochy
Finance Committee: Paulene Oranga
Logistics Committee: Julia Agida (Decors), Al Bontogon (Venue) and Jim Tsang (Venue)
Secretariat Committee: Colemn Labrador
Promotions Committee: Danilo Gubaton and Lucky Mores

Article written by Colemn Labrador, 2 BS ME

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