December 1, 2014

Leadership & Management Program: BaCon Session

Ateneo Gabay’s Office of the President concluded its series of Leadership Management Program (LMP) Seminars with the sharing of the Best practices and Contributions (BaCon) Session held at Kostka 302/303, December 1.

LMP BaCon Session, with the goal of creating the first-ever version of Gabay’s BaCon Time Capsule, engaged its members at the start of the program to actively participate in the activities and discussions that they have prepared for them so that, they would be able to pass on their past experiences in project handling to the future generation of Gabayanos and to impart different approaches and hacks that they can use in working with a group.

The program started with an opening prayer, followed by the opening remarks of Joemin Nuevo, LMP Project Head, and the expectations setting in order to set the over-all mood of the session and justify the end-goal that the members want to achieve after the seminar.

The attendees were later divided into small groups of four, led by the volunteer facilitators, and started discussing about our experiences in handling projects in the past. The facilitators make their group write their insights in small pieces of paper that were later collected at the end to be put inside the BaCon Time Capsule.

Nuevo ended the session by expressing his gratitude to everyone who supported the LMP Seminars throughout the year.

The LMP Core Team said that they will provide a soft copy of all the insights that the attendees wrote in their tiny pieces of paper.

The Leadership Management Program: BaCon Session is a project under the Office of the President with project heads, Joemin Nuevo and Jayson Estores.

Article written by John Paulo Llamera, 2 BS MGT

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