December 10, 2014

Ateneo Gabay holds 1st Photography Seminar

“Practice makes perfect talaga.”

These were the words of wedding photographer, Troy Monsod, during “SHOTS,” a photography seminar by Ateneo Gabay, held last December 10 at Bel 311, Ateneo de Manila University.

Being a professional photographer, Monsod gave tips on how to take good shots using photography equipment like cameras, tripods, filters, etc. He also highlighted the cost of photography and advised the audience to make sure that they will gain profit once they invest in the said field.
Aside from practical tips, he also mentioned the value of practice and alertness in taking pictures. “What makes you different is your eye,” he said as he concluded his talk.

While Monsod talked more about photography in general, the next speaker focused more on landscape and nature photography. Mr. Rey Baguio, graduate of Ateneo de Manila University with a degree on Physics with Computer Engineering and now a Mathematics teacher at the Ateneo High School, began his talk by explaining how he started photography. It started from mere exploration, and slowly developed into a hobby; thereby stressing out that, unlike Monsod, photography is not something he earns from.

In his talk about the elements of a good photo, he always emphasized the importance of capturing the moment over taking the photo. According to him, in order for a photo to be called a good one, the photographer must fulfill five requirements: subject and intent, equipment, composition, color, and lighting.

He expounded on each of these elements, saying how the intent of every photo is to tell a story. He also discussed the exposure triangle (ISO, aperture, and shutter speed) in order to help the attendees familiarize themselves better with their respective cameras. For composition, he talked about pattern, framing, and balance, saying how these techniques help lead the viewers’ eyes. He also mentioned that color is important in dictating the mood of the photograph, and how lighting affects the clearness of images.

To conclude his talk, Baguio provided tips on how to see better, and how to improve as a photographer: get inspired, take a lot of photos, look for feedback, and practice constantly.

The seminar is a project under the Office of the Secretary-general.

Project Head: Mavee Alinsunod
Programs: Jay-Ar Prado, Meryl Medel, Irish Porcincula
Logistics: Gian Galang
Secretariat: AJ de Leon, Veronica Baguio
Finance: JP dela Cruz
Documentation and Promotions: Dea de Guzman, Ameera Tungupon

Article written by Eric John Aninang, 2 BS ME and Athena May Jean Carangan, 1 BS PSY

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