November 21, 2014

Prepare for Erya: PrepErya 2

Ateneo Gabay recently held PrepErya last November 22, Friday at Bel 313 to train the members and prepare them for this second semester’s Gabay Erya Formation Program (GEFP). The GEFP caters to one of the sectors of Ateneo Gabay, the erya kids, who are students from Batino Elementary School and Balanti Elementary School.

The members were engaged at once because of the group dynamics (GD) of stacking plastic cups using rubber bands.

The GD was followed by a video about the GEFP. Aubrey Patupat, Education Operations Committee Head also delivered an advocacy talk. She proceeded to explain the hard facts of the Philippine education, and encouraged the members of the organization to be involved in the erya program.
She also played the inspirational TEDxADMU video of Sabrina Ongkiko, an Ateneo alumna who chose to teach in public school than pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

After the talk, members were directed into their breakout rooms to discuss the plans for the semester. Members were divided into the following teams: Tutoring, Module, and Scholarship & Partnership. The respective heads facilitated the breakout session and oriented the members regarding their very important roles in serving the erya sector of Ateneo Gabay.

The event was concluded with a synthesis and encouragement to the members to participate actively in the program.
PrepErya 2 is a project of the Education Operations Committee.

Project Heads: Neil Vildad, Katrina Rosette Llorente
Programs: Nikko Sanchez
Logistics: Kariz Bautista, Angelo Timothy Dawa
Secretariat: Katrina Manlapaz, Ed Decierdo
Promotions: Reina Tamayo

Article written by Jayson Estores, 2 BS/M AMF

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